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Дешевая показуха и устроенный мне судебн

Dear friends, I want to convey my position on the issue of my "offense" that happened in Diveevo. Many of you, during this difficult period of "quarantine", incomprehensible to everyone, were faced with illegally issued fines for violating it. I see that many do not agree and do not understand the absurdity that is happening. I will reveal in more detail the situation that happened to me and will share with you the details of the current processes related to my challenging "quarantine fines" for administrative offenses allegedly committed by me in this regard.

Once again, I will tell you how I, unaware that the village of Diveyevo, where I came to pray, as an ordinary parishioner and pilgrim, is a quarantine zone, I arrived unhindered by car, calmly and openly, moved around Diveyevo. The Diveyevo Monastery is a place where I feel a certain energy, and I come there not for PR and without the press, but just to pray, take a walk, etc. And believe me, my dear readers, I never thought that by doing so I was breaking any law. Before the next trip (when the access system in Moscow had already been removed), just in case, from the information sources available to me, I tried to find out whether any pass was needed to follow the Moscow-Diveyevo route, and on no website I could not find information that this was a closed village ... I phoned my acquaintances living in that area, and they also assured me that there was no quarantine there, only wearing masks in public places was recommended.

June 27, early Saturday morning I left Moscow and listened to an audio book, periodically falling asleep. At some point before reaching Diveevo,

my driver woke me up and said that we had arrived. My friend met me in her car, because she wanted to take me to the source where the dear was very bad and we went on her SUV. After the spring, she and I arrived at Diveyevo and I did not see any checkpoints, checkpoints and cordon. There we went with her to a long service in the monastery, where there were a lot of people and everyone was without masks (I couldn't even think that there was strict quarantine here).

I also visited the holy springs. She shared her photos from holy places on Instagram. If I knew about the quarantine that had not been lifted, I would not have made the long journey by car (7 hours!) To be stopped and drive back. Moreover, in no way would she advertise her presence there. 🤷‍♀️

At about 10:00 pm, my friend and I drove into a local store. And I, wearing a mask, went to buy something to eat. the cafes did not work.

The sellers recognized me and were very glad to see me. They asked to take a photo with them, took off their masks and left from behind the counters. Out of respect for these people, I also took off my mask and held it in my hands. The owner of the shop appeared on the threshold. He said that he was very glad to see me in his store, he also asked to take a photo with him, and invited me to dinner at his house the next day. People were glad to see me from the bottom of my heart, I felt it, of course I was very pleased with this attitude and I agreed to come to dinner. Moreover, Ivan - that was the name of the owner, said that it would be a great honor for him.
The next day on June 28 I again went to the monastery for a prayer service. At the temple, many people asked me to take a photo with them, and I did not refuse anyone. Not a single person☝🏻, I want to emphasize - not a single one! I was not told that Anastasia, excuse me, we have a quarantine, you could not leave Diveyevo ... on the contrary, everyone was invited to their homes for interruptions, you said the idol of our daughter, granddaughter, etc. In general, all the people I met there were very kind to me and treated me with warmth.

After a prayer service before leaving home, I stopped by for lunch at Ivan and his wife's in their private house. I also shared a video from the cozy courtyard of this house, where the table was laid. By writing words of gratitude to these kind people. Ivan's wife greeted me with cordiality and warmth. And as a guest I tried to please. She prepared a fish for me. The table was laden with food. (I didn't think that this piece of fish would cost me an unpleasant adventure and a fine of 20,000 rubles ... 🙈)
Ivan offered wine. We talked about different topics and just talked.

And soon, quite unexpectedly, five men (two of whom were in police uniforms) rushed in unceremoniously. They did not show any documents or IDs. But they said that they were the governor of the Nizhny Novgorod region. At first I did not believe it, because I traveled with my charity concerts all over Russia, inviting all spectators absolutely free of charge and attracting local creative teams to participate. In gratitude, the governors and heads of cities usually sent me bouquets of flowers. 🌺 In this case, the situation was different. Five people were sent to me in police disguise without documents. They pounced on me with interrogations, what am I doing here and how did I get here.? And they accused me of being without a mask and gloves in this settlement and, at the same time, crossed the quarantine border (illegal 🙈 !!!). I was at a loss to be honest. One of them, pushing aside my plate, thrust some already partially filled papers under my nose, demanding to sign them. And the other started running after me and filming what was happening on a mobile phone camera !!! Some kind of nightmare! Although I came to visit for lunch to relax, not to act! And I was not going to dine in a mask and rubber gloves! 😂 All this, in my opinion, resembled a traveling circus, but only at the end of the story there was no applause! As a result, it turned out that reports on an administrative offense were drawn up against me. At the same time, I was not even asked for an identity card !!! And to my demands to present their identity documents, so that I can make sure that these people are police officers, and not the city madmen who bought the uniform in Voentorg, they did not react, all the time claiming that they were from the governor. can you break into a private house without pretending to be ?! I did not sign this absurdly drawn up protocol, because I had doubts about the belonging of these people to law enforcement agencies. And I know that according to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, everyone is guaranteed the right to freedom of movement (if there are no prohibited signs !!! And they were not there !!!). And also the protection of the rights and freedoms of a citizen is guaranteed in case of their violation! And in this case, in my opinion, they were violated.
After 45 five minutes of absurdity circus, these "someone" provoked me into an emotional tone of the conversation. How would you react to such chaos? I was at a loss to be honest. And since these messengers were nobody to me and I saw their glassy eyes with a lack of intelligence, to their interrogation, which they had no right to arrange for me, and when asked how I got here, I was on their own wave, but answered with a sense of humor, which, of course, "made my way through the forest paths barefoot through the swamps and forests ..." ... Just like she called herself "Ballerina of All Russia" .😂
As a result, strangely enough, the edited video filmed by these "employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs" was posted on YouTube .. Moreover, I was portrayed as a drunken madwoman running barefoot through forests and swamps, and a delinquent.
That is, I got the impression that the purpose of this "outdoor event" was not to prevent violations of the administrative legislation of the Russian Federation, but to some kind of PR and post "exclusive" in social networks 🤦‍♀️, possibly for the purpose of making money .. And where is professional ethics of employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation? !! It was so mean!
As a result, I received a notification on my Instagram that the case of an administrative offense, allegedly committed by me, would be considered in the Diveyevo court вроде (like this method of notification is not provided for by law !!!). Well, isn't it honey?
With the protocol and case materials drawn up against me, I finally had the opportunity to familiarize myself with my application, only three days before the trial in the Tverskoy court !!! I already forgot about this "accident", but I had to go to the Tverskoy court! AND...!!! The circus continued there too! I was accused of such an absurdity! Ники As evidence, police officers of Diveevsky presented a video in court, a color image of road paving stones, on which they were cheerfully dancing their feet in slates and boots (in my opinion, obviously, the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who were supposed to be me) and another wonderful a belly standing by the tandoor of a person preparing food, and !!! All this - as evidence of my stay on the eve without a mask and gloves in some store in the beautiful village of Diveevo 🤦‍♀️.
At the same time, an outdoor surveillance camera was installed in the courtyard of this private house, and the whole event from beginning to end was recorded on video in good quality. The owner of the house kindly provided this video, which we tried to attach to the materials, as evidence, but the court considered this video unnecessary proof of another lawlessness of the "representatives" of the police and refused to investigate this evidence !!! Fine! Another interesting fact. While reviewing the materials of the case, I read the testimony of a saleswoman, who writes that on June 28th I was in a grocery store without a mask. But! I was not in the store THIS DAY! Did not have! And they could not prove my alleged presence! On that Sunday, I was only at prayer and visiting. In general, wearing a mask is a recommendation.

I have not seen such a theater of absurdity for a long time. All accusations against me consisted solely of posts on Instagram of local residents and shop sellers, where in the photo I was without a mask and did not observe the social distance of 1.5 meters. And also on the testimony of the only testimony of the saleswoman, whom I did not see, that she supposedly made comments to me that I was without a mask, which I ignored and refused to leave the store. My arguments that this is not true, and a check from the store confirming that I was served, a photo with smiling sellers standing next to me - the court considered not satisfactory. But the testimony of one "witness" that I was in the store on June 28 without a mask, although on the 28th I did not even go there - the court found it thorough and issued me a fine of 20,000 rubles ...

Moreover, my side of the defense managed to prove that their "protocol" was drawn up so illiterately, with violations of the law, with confusing testimony, dates and events, that the judge himself was discouraged. But he made a decision to award me a fine. Its size in the amount of 20 thousand rubles, to be honest, surprised me ... 🤷‍♀️ I dare to assure that on the day of departure from Diveyevo, indicated on June 28 by a false witness, I was not in any store! I attended a prayer service in a church, and then at a private house for lunch. In their courtyard. Nothing. I tend to take a hit for all people who find themselves in such unfair situations. And I always do it with honor and dignity, acting very openly and boldly! Always defending with the Truth! Only this truth did not like some leaders ...
Dear ones, I want to say a huge thank you to all the people who supported me! All available sources did not indicate the quarantine left in Diveyevo. May this be my payment for my faith and prayer. And let this meanness towards me remain on the conscience of the leaders who gave me this cheap and disgusting performance ... 😝 I have carried out a lot of good deeds and charitable projects in the Nizhny Novgorod region. But, to my great regret, these "people" 😝 discouraged me from coming back to this region, where lawlessness and humiliation of people reign .... 😔
Since there are already two cases against me, I have yet another trial in court on August 3, where I will have to prove my innocence of how I got there .. I am more than sure that this is obviously also a losing case .. For the same reason, Systems. I will go to this court. But to you, dear ones, I want to say that I got to Diveevo by the grace of God, by my faith, having arrived by car. Unimpeded!

It's just that on me, as on a public person, it is VERY CONVENIENT TO REVEAL AND RESOLVE YOUR OWN DISCUSSION!

I was ordered to pay a fine of 20 thousand rubles as state revenue ...

I did not intend to challenge this decision. But my representatives advised me the opposite from a principled position!
I hope the truth will prevail.

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